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Fallone SV - Growth Mode 2023 - Part 1

Welcome to 2023! We are happy to say that Fallone SV has two focuses this year - (1) Growing the firm, and (2) reshaping the way that we interact with our clients. In this blog post, we are going to cover how we have recently expanded the firm so that we can more effectively meet client needs and improve the client experience. In our next post, we are going to explain how we envision reshaping attorney-client interactions. Without further ado, we would like you to meet Doug Colvard, Dot Jones, and Rachel Krause.

Doug Colvard has come on board as an equity member in Fallone SV to help provide top tier and experienced legal services as well as help Fallone SV execute on changing the attorney-client relationship. Doug has 10+ years experience in large, multinational companies, investment banks, startups and boutique law firms. His diverse experience and robust set of skills makes him the perfect fit to support Fallone SV’s evolving needs. Dot Jones, and Rachel Krause have joined Fallone SV to assist in designing and managing firm operations and paralegal support. Dot and Rachel have decades of experience at both law firms and multinational companies building, growing and managing teams of legal professionals.

A growing team means that Fallone SV will have greater bandwidth to serve and more efficiently meet client needs. Additionally, the new team members at Fallone SV will be hard at work modifying the firm’s structural framework to support growing clients in a way that creates a frictionless attorney-client relationship… more to come on this.

To keep up to date with how things are going, we invite you to like and join our redesigned social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on LinkedIn, in order to stay up to date with everything we have going on. On behalf of the entire Fallone SV team, we’re looking forward to everything 2023 has to offer, and to growing with you as well as for you!



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